A Foundation of Strong Values

Our reputation for quality is well known in both the private and public sectors of the Dallas/Fort Worth market area. Our list of clients, which includes a wide range of concerns from city and county public works departments to real estate development companies to the Texas Department of Transportation, is constantly growing.


At GTI, we offer responsible, competitive bids, and are capable of bonding anything we bid. So you know you can count on reliable service throughout each job.


Our clients also appreciate the promptness with which we conduct business. We work hard to complete projects on time and within budget. In most cases, we are able to finish our work ahead of schedule, always maintaining our high standard of excellence.


Best of all, you will learn that personalized service is the key to our success at GTI. At a time when business is often carried out with cold formality, we are on the first-name basis with most of our clients.


So the next time you want quality results on time, on budget, and with an unequalled commitment to personalized service, give us a call.